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My two cents on the Shooting in Aurora:

Lets be real for a minute. You can’t explain his man’s actions with normal logic. In all honesty, I think he got very much into the Joker character. Chaos for its own sake. This was an act of terrorism in the purest form of the word, and he got he exact results he wanted. 

Fear and recognition. 

He did this because he did not have the capacity to accept his own sad little life, or he just had fewer inhibitions than most people to go out of there way to accomplish what we all want to do: be remembered. That’s why he did it. So, all that news coverage? Its what he wanted. He wanted everyone around the nation to hear his name, for it to be on the tongues and fingertips of every person near a TV or a computer. By talking about this man you are playing right into his hands. You are creating his legacy.

How do you fight something like this? 

Its too late now. 

The real way to destroy something like this is to bury it. You destroy this man’s memory. you take this away and you take away his power. You want to torture him? You can’t do it with knives and bullets. If you want to break this man, you let him watch as the world goes on without him, completely ambivalent to his departure. Show him that he has no power over the world. 

Some men just want to watch the world burn, but what happens when they see they can’t light a match?

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